Manchester United win the Carabao Cup


Wikimedia Commons/Ardfern

Manchester United coming together during the game.

Mikey M.

Manchester United, one of the world’s biggest clubs, showed a stellar performance in the recent Carabao Cup. Winning this trophy boosted the team’s confidence incredibly.

The Cup was a competition between Manchester United and Newcastle United. Currently Manchester United is in 3rd place in the Premier League with 49 points, right behind Manchester City in 2nd with 55 points, and Arsenal in 1st with 57 points. Newcastle United is currently in 5th place with 41 points right behind Tottenham Hotspurs in 4th place with 45 points. 

In the last couple of games for Manchester United, they have been producing good outcomes, for example, in the last five games they came out with three wins, one draw and one loss, whereas Newcastle has not been doing as well. In the last five games for them, they have had three draws, one win and one loss.

It was unexpected for United to do as well as they have this season, but with a couple of key signings such as Casemiro, and Martínez, this team has really been able to pull together to make great things.

Winning the Carabao Cup, though, was a big achievement for the club. After being victorious against Newcastle, with a 2-0 win, the team celebrates. Manager Erik ten Hag celebrates this victory too but says how there are still things to look forward to. This would be a nice accomplishment for the club, but they are still unsatisfied, as there are still many things to come throughout the remainder of the season. 

As a part of the race for the number one spot in the Premier League, United still has much work to do, but they are definitely a club to keep an eye on.