“FREUDIAN” by Daniel Caesar

Tavian B.

“Freudian” is the debut album of Canadian singer/songwriter Daniel Caesar, and what an incredible debut it really is. With a star studded cast of features and an equal amount of hits sprinkled throughout the LP, there is nothing not to love about this record.


Released August 25, 2017, the record runs for just about 45 minutes and is a deep dive into the genres of r&b, soul, and gospel. The LP utilizes many techniques of alternative and contemporary music, featuring clean and incredible from Caesar and guest appearances, along with great instrumentation ranging from gospel serenades to simple acoustic chords and harmonies.


Speaking of the album’s guest appearances, not a single one of them disappoints, all of them making worthy and notable contributions to the songs they appear on. The LP features big names such as Kali Uchis, H.E.R, Syd, and contributions from the CaDaRo Tribe, a three woman choir who contributed vocals to over half of the runtime.


The album itself is a dive into the heart and mind of Caesar as he reflects upon his past relationship(s) which were severed, seemingly at the fault of Caesar. The album is titled after the Oedipus Complex crafted by Sigmund Freud which states that a child has an unconscious desire for the parent of the opposite sex. Caesar found this theory to be incredibly interesting, and uses it as a major inspiration across the LP to detail the unrequited love which we all seek in some form.


The entire album is a tribute to love, and what an excellent tribute it was. Not a single song is mediocre or bad, each new track keeping the album interesting and presenting something new to love. The LP has at least one song everyone can enjoy, whether it be due to the instrumentation, vocal, or simply an appreciation of the story and themes detailed across the record.


Overall, I highly recommend any fan of music, especially r&b/gospel fans and those who enjoy romantic songs, to give this album a listen. Out of the 10 songs on the record, there’s not a single one I don’t thoroughly enjoy, though my favorites have to be “Get You (feat. Kali Uchis)”, “Best Part (feat. H.E.R)”, “Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song)”, “Loose”, & “We Find Love”, my personal “definite favorite ” being “Loose”.


Album Rating: 10/10 (Highly Recommend)