Real Madrid’s 5-2 win over Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League.


Антон Зайцев/Wikimedia Commons

Real Madrid winning the Champions League in 2018.

Mikey M.

A true humiliation in a tough tournament. No one expected to have this bad of a beating in such a game. Two of the world’s best clubs, Liverpool and Real Madrid, faced it off Tuesday in an intense competition for the first leg of the round of sixteen. 

Real Madrid would come out superior in the game with an immense five goals against Liverpool. It was a fantastic game to watch as the level of play was extremely high, and it was clear that Real Madrid was the better team in this competition, coming back from a score of zero to two in the first fifteen minutes of the game, to make it five to two at the end of regulation.

It was all help from Vini Jr. and Karim Benzema, as they each scored two goals for Real Madrid. Vini would score the first two to tie the game up, one was a superb shot, and the other from intercepting the goalie’s pass. Éder Militão would score a wonderful third goal for Real Madrid with his head, just putting them ahead of Liverpool. Finally, Benzema would score the last two goals to seal the win for Madrid. One was a deflection off the defender, the other a well-placed shot. Two out of the five goals would come from costly mistakes by the goalkeepers, one of them even tying the game. 

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the game had to have been Vini Jr. The Brazilian winger created so many chances for the team and dominated the opposition on the attacking front. He would win seven out of the eighteen duels, which is more duels won than any other player on the field. The two goals he scored here would add up to his five goals in five games against Liverpool.

Although the game was a blowout, there is still a game yet to come in mid-March between these two teams. Real Madrid will most likely hold onto their lead unless Liverpool can have an outstanding performance in the future game, but only time will tell.