Top 10 colleges for writing

Photo by We Heart It

Photo by We Heart It

Daphne L

In high school, college is constantly in the back of students’ minds. For the students who plan to attend, making decisions as to which colleges they should apply to and which they should accept are pressing issues in their lives. The following ten colleges have impressive acceptance rates between ten and 35, and are 12 hours or less from Hummelstown. These colleges all have one thing in college: they are designed especially for students who wish to continue their education with writing in one of the nation’s top colleges.

Hamilton College

Hamilton College is located in the peaceful village of Clinton, New York. With a humble class size of just under 2,000, the class size is large enough to include all types of students yet small enough for the students to get to know each other well. Students at Hamilton typically spend $25k per year (after aid) and have a 94% chance of graduating. The college is approximately four and a half hours away from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

Hamilton College proudly displays a statue of its founder, Alexander Hamilton himself. – Photo by Hamilton College

University of Rochester

Like Hamilton College, the University of Rochester is in upstate New York, four and a half hours away from Hummelstown. Unlike Hamilton College, the University of Rochester is near a city–in fact, it’s right in the middle of the flourishing city of Rochester, New York. It has an acceptance rate of 35% and has about six and a half thousand new students each year. Typically, $30k is spent after aid at the University of Rochester, and around 85% of Rochester’s students graduate.

The University of Rochester is one of the top schools for writing with its unique curriculum that challenges its students to think outside the box. – Photo by the University of Rochester

Carnegie Mellon University

In the heart of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is Carnegie Mellon University. Carnegie Mellon accepts 17% of the students who apply, which rounds out to about 6,500 students per grade level. After aid, Carnegie Mellon’s students tend to pay about $35k per year and 89% of them end up graduating. Carnegie Mellon is a little closer than the other two colleges at about three and a half hours away from Hummelstown. Carnegie Mellon is a New Ivy, which means that it has an incredibly remarkable academic program as well as great faculty, but is not technically an Ivy League.

Carnegie Mellon’s campus is unique in its location being so close to a major city. – Photo by Cappex

Haverford College

Haverford College is also in Pennsylvania, under two hours away from Hummelstown in a town called Haverford (near Philadelphia). Haverford is a much smaller school with 1,300 students each year. They accept the applications of about 18% of those who apply, and those who choose to attend spend about $23k each year, 93% of which graduate.

Five sidewalks stretch across the front lawn of Haverford College, drawing in students form around the campus. – Photo by Haverford College

Emory University

 In the booming city of Atlanta, Georgia, is Emory University, home to one of the nation’s leading writing programs. Getting to Emory is a lengthier journey than the previously mentioned colleges; it is 11 hours away from Hummelstown. A fairly large class of about 7,000 students enters Emory each year, and they are part of the 19% of applications who Emory selects to be a part of their college. After aid, the average cost of attending is $24k, and 91% of Emory’s students graduate. Emory is a New Ivy, like Carnegie Mellon.

Emory University is beautiful in the fall, with vibrant splashes of color around the campus. – Photo by Emory University

Bates College

 In Lewiston, Maine, lies Bates College, the school for about 2,000 new students every year. With a 14% acceptance rate, it’s not easy to be admitted, but it helps contribute to the 92% graduation rate. A typical student at Bates College will pay approximately $29k to spend a year at the college, which is 8 hours from Hummelstown.

A mountainous sunset paints an awe-inspiring background for Bates’ classic brick buildings. – Photo by Bates College

Colby College

 Waterville, Maine, is the home of Colby College, about 9 hours from Hummelstown. Out of the colleges on this list, Colby has the most exclusivity with its 10% acceptance rate. However, it’s also one of the less expensive with an average of only $18k per year (after aid). With an impressive graduation rate of 92% and a class size of 2,000, Colby is a great option for any writers who are accepted.

An ombre of blue, white, and pink blend together behind Colby’s campus. – Photo by Business Wire

Wellesley College

 Wellesley College accepts 20% of applicants to attend their college in Wellesley, Massachusetts, six hours away from Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. Every year, about 2,400 new students go to Wellesley, spending $22k after aid on average. 89% of Wellesley’s students tend to graduate. Wellesley is a great place to be because it is very serene and beautiful, especially in the fall, and it’s only forty minutes away from Boston.

In its northern location of Wellesley, Maine, Wellesley College is blanketed in plenty of snow each winter. – Photo by The Wellesley News

University of North Carolina

 UNC has a renowned basketball team that recently made it to the championships. However, that’s not all the university has to offer. 25% of applicants are invited to attend UNC, a New Ivy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. UNC has a huge class size of almost 20,000 and is a little over six hours away from Hummelstown. UNC boasts an impressive graduation rate of 91% and is also a less expensive option, typically costing $12k per year after aid.

Banners hang from South Building on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. – Photo by UNC News

Washington University in St. Louis

 In St. Louis, Missouri, 12 hours away from Hummelstown, is Washington University in St. Louis. Only 16% of students who apply get accepted into Washington University. 94% of its moderate class size of over 7,000 end up graduating from the university. About $27k is spent on attending Washington University per year, per student (after aid). For those wishing to study further from home, Washington University is a great place to do so.

Washington’s campus is blanketed in warmth from its impressive architecture. – Photo by Washington University in St. Louis

Writing is a great way to explore new topics as well as to explore oneself, and attending a university that specializes in writing is a perfect way to start fine-tuning writing skills taught throughout earlier education.