Most famous birthdays for every date


Photo by Oprah Daily

Daphne L.

Every day has a celebrity with that birthday, and it’s fun to see who the most popular person who shares your birthday is! (To find a specific date, you can scroll down to your month or press Ctrl + F and type your desired date.)


January 1: Preppy Claws, a TikTok dancer

January 2: Dax Shepard, actor, comedian, and podcast host

January 3: Eli Manning, quarterback

January 4: Harlan Coben, author

January 5: Bradley Cooper, actor

January 6: Eddie Redmayne, actor

January 7: Nicolas Cage, actor

January 8: Elvis Presley, singer

January 9: Brent Rivera, YouTuber

January 10: Ben Azelart, YouTuber

January 11: Mary J. Blige, singer-songwriter

January 12: Zayn Malik, singer

January 13: Orlando Bloom, actor

January 14: Dave Grohl, musician

January 15: Dove Cameron, actress and singer

January 16: Lin-Manuel Miranda, composer

January 17: Jim Carrey, actor

January 18: Dave Bautista, actor

January 19: Dolly Parton, singer-songwriter

January 20: Rainn Wilson, actor

January 21: Booboo Stewart, actor

January 22: Guy Fieri, restaurateur

January 23: Xxxtentacion, rapper

January 24: Ed Helms, actor

January 25: Alicia Keys, singer-songwriter

January 26: Ellen DeGeneres, TV host

January 27: Lewis Carroll (pen name of Charles Dodg

January 28: Lucas Dobre, YouTuber

January 29: Oprah Winfrey, TV host

January 30: Biggy Norris, YouTuber

January 31: Josh Richards, TikToker


February 1: Harry Styles, singer

February 2: Shakira, singer

February 3: Taylor Caniff, Instagrammer

February 4: Hannah Stocking, Instagrammer

February 5: Cristiano Ronaldo, soccer player

February 6: Charlie Heaton, actor

February 7: Jacksepticeye, YouTuber

February 8: Jaden Hossler, TikToker

February 9: Bella Poarch, TikToker

February 10: Emma Roberts, actress

February 11: Jennifer Aniston, actress

February 12: Abraham Lincoln, former president

February 13: Sockie Norris, YouTuber

February 14: Tati Westbrook, YouTuber

February 15: Megan Thee Stallion, rapper

February 16: The Weeknd, singer

February 17: Ed Sheeran, singer

February 18: Pierson Wodzynski, YouTuber

February 19: Millie Bobby Brown, actress

February 20: Olivia Rodrigo, singer

February 21: Lauren Godwin, TikToker

February 22: George Washington, former president

February 23: Desiree Montoya, Instagrammer

February 24: Rachel Levin, YouTuber

February 25: Noah Jupe, actor

February 26: Duke Dennis, YouTuber

February 27: Bryton Myler, YouTuber

February 28: Rudy Mancuso, YouTuber

February 29: Ja Rule, rapper


March 1: Justin Bieber, singer

March 2: Savannah LaBrant, YouTuber

March 3: Camilla Cabello, singer

March 4: Niko Omilana, YouTuber

March 5: Cash Baker, singer

March 6: Tyler The Creator, rapper

March 7: Woah Vicky, Instagramer

March 8: Kit Connor, actor

March 9: Khaby Lame, TikToker

March 10: Chad Wild Clay, YouTuber

March 11: WillNE, YouTuber

March 12: Christina Grimmie, singer

March 13: Jordyn Jones, dancer

March 14: Stephen Curry, basketball player

March 15: Lil Dicky, rapper

March 16: Lil Keed, rapper

March 17: Rob Kardashian, reality star

March 18: Brooke Norris, wife of Justin Norris (swimmer)

March 19: Michael Le, TikToker

March 20: KassaDee Parker, YouTuber

March 21: Jace Norman, actor

March 22: Merrick Hanna, dancer

March 23: Txunamy, Instagrammer

March 24: Jack Johnson, singer

March 25: William Franklyn-Miller, actor

March 26: Gavin Magnus, singer

March 27: Lalisa Manoban, rapper

March 28: Lady Gaga, singer

March 29: CJ So Cool, YouTuber

March 30: Brooke Berry, TikToker

March 31: Liza Koshy, YouTuber


April 1: Logan Paul, YouTuber

April 2: Daniel Seavey, singer

April 3: Emily Dobson, dancer

April 4: Hayden Summerall, singer

April 5: Tessa Brooks, YouTuber

April 6: Peyton List, actress

April 7: Gracie Haschak, dancer

April 8: Skai Jackson, actress

April 9: Tommyinnit, YouTuber

April 10: Sofia Carson, actress

April 11: Sebastian Moy, Instagrammer

April 12: Brendon Urie, singer

April 13: Dylan Conrique, actress

April 14: Chris Wood, actor

April 15: Emma Watson, actress

April 16: Sadie Sink, actress

April 17: Devan Key, Instagrammer

April 18: Sophia Grace Brownlee, singer

April 19: Loren Gray, singer

April 20: Kay Flock, rapper

April 21: Elizabeth II, Queen of England

April 22: Amber Heard, actress

April 23: John Cena, wrestler

April 24: Joe Keery, actor

April 25: Jay Park, rapper

April 26: Anna McNulty, TikToker

April 27: Lizzo, singer

April 28: Melanie Martinez, singer

April 29: Xochitl Gomez, actress

April 30: Travis Scott, rapper


May 1: Charli D’Amelio, TikToker

May 2: Dwayne Johnson, actor

May 3: Desiigner, rapper

May 4: Noah Beck, TikToker

May 5: Jenna Davis, actress

May 6: George Clooney, actor

May 7: MrBeast, YouTuber

May 8: 6IX9INE, rapper

May 9: Collins Key, magician

May 10: Emilio Martínez, TikToker

May 11: Sabrina Carpenter, singer

May 12: DraconiteDragon, YouTuber

May 13: Debby Ryan, actress

May 14: Miranda Cosgrove, actress

May 15: Chase Hudson, TikToker

May 16: Mattia Polibio, TikToker

May 17: Bob Saget, comedian

May 18: Armon Warren, TikToker

May 19: Jojo Siwa, YouTuber

May 20: Austin McBroom, Instagrammer

May 21: Notorious B.I.G., rapper

May 22: Emma Chamberlain, YouTuber

May 23: James Charles, Instagrammer

May 24: Claire Rock Smith, YouTuber

May 25: Chloe Lukasiak, dancer

May 26: Scott Disick, reality star

May 27: Lily-Rose Depp, actress

May 28: Elle McBroom, YouTuber

May 29: Dhar Mann, YouTuber

May 30: Olivia Ponton, Instagrammer

May 31: Kouvr Annon, TikToker


June 1: Tom Holland, actor

June 2: Beetlejuice, comedian

June 3: Zoe LaVerne, TikToker

June 4: Mackenzie Ziegler, dancer

June 5: Ninja, twitch star

June 6: Ryan Higa, YouTuber

June 7: Coco Quinn, dancer

June 8: Kanye West, rapper

June 9: Johnny Depp, actor

June 10: GiaNina Paolantonio, dancer

June 11: Flamingo, YouTuber

June 12: Alissa Violet, Instagrammer

June 13: Chris Evans, actor

June 14: Donald Trump, former president

June 15: North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

June 16: Tupac Shakur, rapper

June 17: KJ Apa, actor

June 18: Trippie Redd, rapper

June 19: Symonne Harrison, actress

June 20: Nia Sioux, dancer

June 21: Sofie Dossi, TikToker

June 22: Zach Clayton, Instagrammer

June 23: Elliana Walmsley, dancer

June 24: Lionel Messi, soccer player

June 25: Lele Pons, YouTuber

June 26: Ariana Grande, singer

June 27: Khloé Kardashian, reality star

June 28: Elon Musk, entrepeneur

June 29: Camila Mendes, actress

June 30: Mike Tyson, boxer


July 1: Nick Austin, Instagrammer

July 2: Margot Robbie, actress

July 3: Brooklyn Queen, rapper

July 4: Sophie Fergi, actress

July 5: Park Ji-min, singer

July 6: Kevin Hart, comedian

July 7: LaurenzSide, YouTuber

July 8: Jaden Smith, rapper

July 9: Tom Hanks, actor

July 10: Queen Cheryl, TikToker

July 11: Alessia Cara, singer-songwriter

July 12: Issac Ryan Brown, actor

July 13: Caleb Logan LeBlanc, YouTuber

July 14: Vinnie Hacker, Instagrammer

July 15: Abbie Herbert, TikToker

July 16: Luke Hemmings, singer-songwriter

July 17: Matt Slays, YouTuber

July 18: Vin Diesel, actor

July 19: Shane Dawson, YouTuber

July 20: Pop Smoke, rapper

July 21: Kaylee Halko, Instagrammer

July 22: Selena Gomez, singer

July 23: David Dobrik, YouTuber

July 24: Jennifer Lopez, singer

July 25: Juwany Roman, Instagrammer

July 26: Carson Lueders, singer

July 27: Abby Roberts, musical artist

July 28: Payton Moormeier, musical artist

July 29: Eva Gutowski, YouTuber

July 30: Joey King, actress

July 31: Lil Uzi Vert, rapper


August 1: Christopher Sturniolo, TikToker

August 2: Ayden Mekus, YouTuber

August 3: Tom Brady, football player

August 4: Cole Sprouse, actor

August 5: Olivia Holt, actress

August 6: Nessa Barrett, singer-songwriter

August 7: Daz Black, YouTuber

August 8: Shawn Mendes, singer-songwriter

August 9: King Von, rapper

August 10: Kylie Jenner, reality star

August 11: Chris Hemsworth, actor

August 12: Dixie D’Amelio, TikToker

August 13: Sebastian Stan, actor

August 14: Bryce Hall, YouTuber

August 15: Jennifer Lawrence, actress

August 16: Sophie Michelle, YouTuber

August 17: Lil Pump, rapper

August 18: Infinite, YouTuber

August 19: Tony Lopez, TikToker

August 20: Demi Lovato, singer

August 21: Piper Rockelle, YouTuber

August 22: Dua Lipa, singer

August 23: Kobe Bryant, basketball player

August 24: Catherine Paiz, actress

August 25: Blake Lively, actress

August 26: Dylan O’Brien, actor

August 27: Ariana Greenblatt, actor

August 28: Honey Boo Boo, reality star

August 29: Michael Jackson, singer

August 30: Capri Everitt, singer

August 31: Jang Won-young, singer


September 1: Zendaya, actress

September 2: Hayley LeBlanc, actress

September 3: RonaldOMG, YouTuber

September 4: Beyoncé, singer-songwriter

September 5: Kio Cyr, TikToker

September 6: Asher Angel, actor

September 7: Rosie McClelland, singer

September 8: Cameron Dallas, YouTuber

September 9: Adam Sandler, comedian

September 10: Jack Gilinsky, singer

September 11: Jc Caylen, YouTuber

September 12: RM, rapper

September 13: Niall Horan, singer

September 14: Wilbur Soot, YouTuber

September 15: Sommer Ray, model

September 16: Nick Jonas, singer-songwriter

September 17: Mia Talerico, actress

September 18: Alex Warren, YouTuber

September 19: Lily Chee, model

September 20: Gabriella Lewitton, TikToker

September 21: Abby Lee Miller, dance teacher

September 22: Tom Felton, actor

September 23: Kalani Hilliker, dancer

September 24: Joe Locke, actor

September 25: Will Smith, actor

September 26: Walker Bryant, TikToker

September 27: Cynthia Parker, Tiktoker

September 28: Rebecca Zamolo, YouTuber

September 29: Halsey, singer

September 30: Maddie Ziegler, actress


October 1: Brie Larson, actress

October 2: Mahatma Ghandi, lawyer

October 3: Gwen Stefani, singer-songwriter

October 4: Alicia Silverstone, actress

October 5: Kate Winslet, actress

October 6: Elisabeth Shue, actress

October 7: Simon Cowell, TV personality

October 8: Bella Thorne, actress

October 9: Bella Hadid, model

October 10: Bae Suzy, singer

October 11: Cardi B, rapper

October 12: Hugh Jackman, actor

October 13: Sacha Baron Cohen, actor

October 14: Usher, singer

October 15: Anthony Joshua, boxer

October 16: Oscar Wilde, poet

October 17: Eminem, rapper

October 18: Zac Efron, actor

October 19: Lil Durk, rapper

October 20: Snoop Dogg, rapper

October 21: Carrie Fisher, actress

October 22: Jeff Goldblum, actor

October 23: Ryan Reynolds, actor

October 24: Drake, rapper

October 25: Katy Perry, singer-songwriter

October 26: Hillary Clinton, former United States Secretary of State

October 27: Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States

October 28: Bill Gates, business magnate

October 29: Bob Ross, painter

October 30: Ivanka Trump, former Senior Advisor to the President of the United States

October 31: Willow Smith, singer


November 1: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

November 2: David Schwimmer, actor

November 3: Kendall Jenner, model

November 4: Matthew McConaughey, actor

November 5: Kris Jenner, media personality

November 6: Emma Stone, actress

November 7: Marie Curie, physicist

November 8: Gordon Ramsay, chef

November 9: Carter Kench, TikToker

November 10: Taron Egerton, actor

November 11: Leonardo DiCapro, actor

November 12: Anne Hathaway, actress

November 13: Jimmy Kimmel, TV host

November 14: King Charles III

November 15: Jeffree Star, YouTuber

November 16: Pete Davidson, comedian

November 17: Danny DeVito, actor

November 18: Owen Wilson, actor

November 19: Adam Driver, actor

November 20: Joe Biden, 46th United States President

November 21: Colleen Ballinger, YouTuber

November 22: Scarlett Johansson, actress

November 23: Miley Cyrus, singer-songwriter

November 24: Sarah Hyland, actress

November 25: Christina Applegate, actress

November 26: DJ Khaled, DJ

November 27: Bill Nye, engineer

November 28: Karen Gillan, actress

November 29: Anna Faris, actress

November 30: Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom


December 1: Zoë Kravitz, actress

December 2: Britney Spears, singer-songwriter

December 3: Amanda Seyfried, actress

December 4: Jay-Z, rapper

December 5: Walt Disney, animation film producer

December 6: Giannis Antetokounmpo, basketball player

December 7: Ava Foley, dancer

December 8: Nicki Minaj, rapper

December 9: Wanda Nara, actress

December 10: Raven-Symoné, actress

December 11: Hailee Steinfeld, actress

December 12: Sky Katz, actress

December 13: Taylor Swift, singer-songwriter

December 14: Vanessa Hudgens, actress

December 15: Antonio Garza, YouTuber

December 16: Grayson Dolan, YouTuber

December 17: Pope Francis

December 18: Brad Pitt, actor

December 19: Gloom, YouTuber

December 20: Jonah Hill, actor

December 21: Samuel L. Jackson, actor

December 22: Joshua Bassett, actor

December 23: Finn Wolfhard, actor

December 24: Louis Tomlinson, singer-songwriter

December 25: Ashley Nicole, YouTuber

December 26: Jared Leto, actor

December 27: Timothée Chalamet, actor

December 28: Stan Lee, comic book writer

December 29: Ross Lynch, singer-songwriter

December 30: LeBron James, basketball player

December 31: Val Kilmer, actor