What is school air?


Image by Pexels

Many students claim school air is real.

Emily Z.

School air is what has been recently renowned by Tik-Tok as the air inside school that messes with one’s appearance. 

The ‘school air trend’ became popular among highschool students as of late 2022, and since then, many teens have related to the statement. A recent poll showed that 85% of students feel that school air exists, and its side effects are noticeable, to say the least. 

Teens claim that school air is like a makeup remover, zit inducer and hair frizzer. 

The many videos posted on social media platforms show a side by side comparison of what they looked like before and after coming to school, highlighting the result of how bad your appearance may be after seven to eight hours of school.

The school lighting has also been talked about as what affects one’s looks. Kaydence Louks, a junior at LD claims, “The lighting in the school is the worst, especially in certain classrooms. I think it’s the best in the bathrooms though.” She explains that it does indeed have an effect. 

Haley Osborne, another junior at LD, states, “I feel like I’m in a worse environment as soon as I walk into school because of the school air. It makes my hair look worse than when I left. It creates a dull learning environment.”