School and mental wellness


School counselor talking to a student.

Hannah R.


With the number of those suffering with mental health and wellness in our communities quickly rising, it is important for schools to promote mental wellness for students and staff. But, how can they do so?


To promote mental wellness in schools, education on the topic is very important. Schools can educate staff, parents and students on what mental health is, along with symptoms and ways to help mental illness.


Schools can also help maintain a positive, safe school environment. From bullying to overall safety of the school is important for those who work and attend. Those that feel unsafe in their building will maintain more stress and anxiety. 


In the classrooms, teachers can teach or reinforce positive behaviors and decision making. With Bullying being the first leading cause of suicide attempts and deaths, it often starts in the classrooms. So, schools need to be able to reinforce a better school environment, and remind students of how bullying really affects someone’s life.


Within the school buildings, it can be beneficial to find an outlet to manage anxiety. If that’s seeing a counselor, taking a quick walk, or just finding an area in the building where comfort is found can be huge for students that are suffering with mental illness.  It can provide a place for those to take a deep breath, without having to talk to someone if they’re not ready to.


Finally, schools can do simple things like promoting positive self-esteem, encouraging healthy eating and body habits, teaching stress management, and promoting mental health resources.


Many of those struggling with mental illness often find the classroom to be a challenging part of their journey, and schools maintaining skill to promote mental wellness is important to those struggling, and everyone else.