The story of my grandfather


Tavian B., Student

For Veteran’s Day, I wanted to honor my grandfather Joseph Brockington Jr. My grandpa is 79 years old, and currently lives in Jamaica Queens, NY though he was born and raised in Brooklyn. He was a part of the army, joining in 1961 and leaving the force in 1964. Being fresh out of high school and not having a clear idea of what he wanted to do with his future, he decided that joining the military would be a good idea.

During his time in the military, my grandpa was on the electronic unit, doing repairs on whatever his higher-ups needed him to fix. His favorite memories from his time in the service was getting to travel to many different places and experience other cultures. Being stationed in France, he would later go to Germany and Spain, though he could never get away from his work. He learned a lot about how difficult it was being away from home and not seeing family, stating that his time in the force taught him many things he had not known before.

I am very thankful for everything my grandpa has done for me, my family and my country. I love him a lot and even though I do not get to see him a lot, I love to spend time with him. His time in the military has shaped him into the person he is today, and I find that very inspiring.