Local veteran talks about his time in the service


Jaime G.

Brad Meloy’s family has been serving in the United States Army and Navy since the Civil War, and Meloy continues this tradition by serving in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard. Meloy is 48 years old, lives in Hummelstown PA, and is currently in service. 


Meloy began serving in the Army National Guard in 2010, when he regretted not joining earlier. When he got the opportunity to serve, he pulled the trigger, and is now in the position of Airspace Management NCO, or Airspace Management Noncommissioned Officer. The role of this job is to identify, protect, detect, and respond to incidents in Pennsylvanian Airspace. During Meloy’s service, he has collaborated with pretty much half of all states in the country. 


Meloy has gained many skills from his service, such as learning to make decisions and plan in a quick and decisive manner. He has also learned to be resilient and knowledgeable. According to Meloy, being in the Army National Guard is like being a college student. You go to classes, you learn a lot, and it is more educational. Meloy was deployed to Iraq during COVID, bravely serving and protecting our country. He comes from a long line of military members, and his two sons continue this tradition, by serving as well. 


It is important that we respect veterans such as Meloy, as they risk their lives to protect us. Without them, our lives would be less stable. They would be more dangerous. Our lives would be terrifying in a world without order. Thanks to our veterans, the world order is kept, our lives are protected, and our society is better. It is important that we thank Meloy and other veterans this Veterans Day.