What your texts reveal about you

Daphne L.

Have you ever noticed how everyone has their own unique texting styles? These may seem like minor details, but they can actually give others an insight into the person they’re texting.

  1. Emojis

If you’re someone who likes to use a lot of emojis, this can represent that you’re open and truthful about your feelings. You want to ensure that the other person doesn’t get the wrong idea about your message. If you utilize emojis as a way of making up for the lack of body language and facial expressions, this can show your value of communication.

2. Grammar

There are some texters whose sentences are almost unreadable and others who scrutinize their texts as if they were a Harvard admission essay. However, this love of grammar may not always be a good thing. A study from Binghampton University said that even the simple act of placing a period at the end of your texts can make you come across as more untrustworthy or overly serious, causing people to become less comfortable with you. If you have this texting style, you probably don’t text often and prefer face-t0-face interactions. This may also represent the value you place in logic and thinking things through.

3. Quick short texts

Also known as “textisms”, quick short texts represent someone who is energetic. This can also represent popularity and having a lot of friends. Because you are so casual, others feel more comfortable around you and want to spend more time with you. This shows that you’re used to texting, which can be explained by the previous statement that you are probably fairly popular.

4. Abbreviations

Although abbreviations like “LOL” or “OMG” in texting are often thought to symbolize laziness or a lack of intelligence, recent studies conducted prove otherwise. In actuality, using abbreviations can help strengthen your brain as it gets used to seeing different forms of the same meaning. Trends have even shown that using abbreviations in text can help you with your grammar in other areas.

5. Paragraph texts

How often do you send paragraph texts? If you use a whole paragraph to express yourself, this can represent your being thoughtful and having a lot to say. You are probably detail-oriented and place a lot of care in making sure the person you’re texting understands what you’re trying to say. You probably like things that are more stable and controlled and enjoy deeper conversations. You are probably thorough and a good thinker.

6. One-word responses

People who use only one word as a reply typically are more reserved with their emotions and show as little of themselves as they can while getting the point across. Usually this represents business or simply not caring about the response. You are probably more independent and prefer face-to-face conversations where you’ll open up more.

Like handwriting, the way you text can reveal a surprising amount of information about your personality and emotions. Studies have shown that people with similar texting styles often get along better because of the more seamless communication, even if they don’t text frequently.