Suicide Prevention Month


Hannah R.

Since 2019, the suicide death rate has skyrocketed to an additional 12%. But why? Since the pandemic in 2020, depression and anxiety rates have gone up to 40%, both main causes of suicidal thoughts or attempts. September is known to be Suicide Prevention Month. Within the month of September, mental health advocates, prevention organizations, survivors, and community members come together to promote suicide awareness. Suicide Prevention month is to recognize those that we have lost and that are struggling with suicidal thoughts, and find those the help they need.  Although suicidal thoughts seem to be common, they should not be considered normal and are extremely serious. Finding the help for you or those you know before it’s too late is crucial. With the new national 988 mental health hotline, one call can save someone’s life. If you know someone struggling with suicidal thoughts, be there to help. If you’re truly worried about someone hurting themselves, speak up. If someone is talking about feeling trapped, constantly sad, sleeping too little or too much, an increase in alcohol, or feeling like there is no reason to live, have a conversation with them to find the resources they need . In the month of September and beyond, try to become aware of how your peers are truly doing, and stay aware if you personally need help.  Always remember, we would rather listen to your true feelings and concerns, than attend your funeral.