What’s your favorite song?


Tavian B.

Music: one of, if not the most, popular art forms today. Music isn’t limited by anything. It has endless potential for creativity and new sounds. Because no boundaries exist within music, everyone is able to enjoy it, allowing the art form to flourish and grow. Since it’s first surge in popularity in the 1930’s with the creation of swing music, the art form has never waned since. As time goes by, the genre has changed frequently, with a new style or subgenre being introduced seemingly every day. Due to the vastness within music, I decided to interview fellow members of the student body. I wanted to ask each of them what their favorite song is in order to see which style of music was most popular, and how students’ personal musical preferences differed from one another.


Adalaide Hickey [Sophomore]: Beige-Yoke Lore

Ricky Verma [Sophomore]: Headshot-Lil Tjay ft. Polo G & Fivio Foreign

Bennett Davis [Freshman]: Freestyle-Lil Baby

Natie Davis [Senior]: Umm Hmm-YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Edwin Olguin [Sophomore]: Ryd-Steve Lacy

Ivan Fombu [Senior]: Final Fantasy [F.F.]-Lil Uzi Vert

Brett DeBell [Junior]: Set Fire to the Rain-Adele

Henry Smullen [Sophomore]: Galileo-Indigo Girls

Riana Agili-Shaban [Senior]: All Too Well (10 Minute Version)-Taylor Swift

Aryam Agili-Shaban [Sophomore]: better off-Ariana Grande

Vicente Martinez [Sophomore]: Final Warning-NLE Choppa

Syler Campbell [Freshman]: Jimmy Cooks-Drake ft. 21 Savage

After asking a dozen people, the consensus most popular genre is Hip Hop/R&B, with about half of the people interviewed choosing a song within that genre. This fact helps to illustrate the general shift towards the genre in recent years. Once being a genre viewed as only popular among the black community into the most popular genre in the world is truly a remarkable feat.