The iPhone 14 is released to the public


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Daphne L.

On September 7th, the iPhone 14 came out along with Apple’s other new products, and the tech world is buzzing about it. With the commercials, ads, posts, and all the other attention it’s getting, the iPhone 14 is hard to miss.

On the outside, the regular iPhone 14 model may look like the iPhone 13; however, it’s very different. The regular iPhone 14 is about 6.1 inches tall, which is pretty standard for an iPhone. The iPhone 14 Plus, on the other hand, is 6.7 inches tall. This allows for better visuals while using the phone.

Additionally, the iPhone 14 features new lock screen displays and the Enhanced Workout Summary, an add-on to the fitness programs on Apple products. The iPhone 14 models have Ceramic Shield (the most durable smartphone glass), the highest quality of aluminum for the body, and water and dust resistance, all to ensure that the phone lasts as long as possible.

The iPhone 14 comes in midnight, starlight, new blue and purple colors, and PRODUCT(RED). Of course, the iPhone 14s also come with the all-day battery life. The iPhone 14 Plus even comes with an upgraded battery life that is the best battery life ever in an iPhone.

With last year’s release of the iPhone 13, technology-lovers were ecstatic about the new A15 Bionic chip, which allowed for much better performance, efficiency, privacy, and security. The 5-core GPU, or Graphics Processing Unit, is 18% faster for unrivaled speed on the new phone. The 6-core CPU (Central Processing Unit) and the Neural Engine both enhance the experience of the iPhone 14, making it faster than Apple’s competition.

The chip’s Image Signal Processor enables a better camera on the iPhone 14. On the regular model, the bottom camera, which is more to the right, is the phone’s 12MP main camera, and the sensor is larger on the new phone. It also comes with “Sensor Shift OIS”, which is meant to reduce blurring in pictures, making users’ photos clearer than ever. In terms of taking photos in lower light, there’s a 49% improvement which allows for brighter colors and overall better quality of photos. The exposure with night mode is two times as fast, making it easy to take high-quality photos wherever you are. The new Ultra Wide option allows for a broader view, upping the photography game of anyone who uses it. The updated front camera makes for greater selfies and FaceTime video quality with the new TrueDepth Camera, which has better aperture, 38% improvement in low-light videos or photos, AutoFocus (a feature that allows the front-facing camera to focus clearly at multiple distances), and increased focusing speed. For those looking to shoot high-quality videos, the iPhone 14 has an advanced stabilization mode that makes videos a lot less shaky while filming in action.

The main purpose of phones has always been connectivity, which makes it a huge consideration for smartphone companies when choosing what they want to include for their newest models or updates. With faster downloads, better streaming, and less lag with real-time connectivity, Apple has significantly updated their connectivity features. eSim, Apple’s new digital SIM card that gets rid of the need for physical SIM cards, gives users the ability to quickly transfer cellular plans, store multiple eSIMs (multiple cellular plans and phone numbers), and have more security with their SIM card. It’s easy to set up an eSIM on the iPhone.

Safety has always been one of Apple’s biggest priorities. The iPhone 14 is no exception. Crash Detection is a new feature (which has also been enabled on the watch) that can keep users safe by notifying authorities or emergency contacts after a severe crashes if necessary. Even when you’re off the grid, the iPhone 14 can still keep you safe through its Emergency SOS via Satellite. This is extremely innovative as the only way to access this network of satellites was using a device with a bulky antenna which, of course, wouldn’t work for iPhones. Due to the limited bandwidth of a satellite connection, it is extremely difficult to send messages through them. However, Apple has tackled this challenge head-on and decreased the size of the messages by 3 times so that you can communicate important information to get help.

With the environmentally-friendly revolution that has been happening, especially in the technical world with recycling things previously thought to be unrecyclable, electric cars, and more, Apple is doing whatever they can to help the environment while still making quality products their customers know and love. Since 2020, Apple has had neutral carbon output. Over 200 of Apple’s suppliers have agreed to 100% renewable energy for Apple production. In 2021, suppliers involved with Apple kept 250,000 metric tons of waste out of landfills. Apple recycles their customers’ old products, using the valuable materials found in each phone. “So don’t throw away your old iPhone or leave it sitting in a drawer—bring it to your nearest store or mail it in,” says Kaiann Drance, the vice president of iPhone Product Marketing. “Together, we can reduce our impact on the planet one step at a time.”

The starting price for the iPhone 14 is $799, while the starting price for the iPhone 14 Plus is $899. With qualifying trade officers, customers are eligible to get up to $800 off. Pre-orders began on September 9th. The first date that the iPhone 14 will be available on is September 16th, and the first date for the iPhone 14 Plus is October 7th. “There’s simply nothing like iPhone 14,” says Kaiann Drance.