Fashion tips

Fashion tips

Ana D.

Clothing and shoes can be a hassle to make the perfect outfit combo and something that you would love to wear. Mostly, of the time many run out of outfits they wear, and want to find a better outfit combination. Many don’t know where to start from loose jeans to crop tops. However, knowing what goes best and with what can get to a higher step of matching, not colors, but the blend of it. Here are a few tips to help with outfit combination.


1.Make sure that everything fits perfectly

Many have loose or tight clothes that don’t fit them according to their body’s. However, most clothing that is allowed to be loose because of how they should be worn. 


2.Balance the colors out

Don’t go all overboard with wacky colors (only if that is your style), having a balance with colors that combine well. Most of the time, just trying out different colors can help balance, which works well.


3.Explore and find your own personal style

Explore different clothing styles and shoes and making one for yourself trying different styles can help you get your own. However, this isn’t either; it takes time and maybe years to see what works for you.