Makeup Myths


Ana D.

Makeup is something that has gotten very popular throughout this generation and many types of styles, too. However, much of this has been influenced by social media, for example, “TikTok” being a video social media platform. Many influencers would advise anything from skincare to makeup, however, not everything you hear from “TikTok” or any other social media is true. Here are some myths about makeup that you might have thought were true.

      1)Makeup doesn’t expire

If you have heard this, it’s a lie makeup does expire and the use of it goes right when you open it. Many don’t know how to read and find the expiration date, in spite of that, using expired makeup can cause irritation to the skin.

      2)Throw away the mascara when it dries out.

No, this is false, knowing that most mascara lasts around 8 months for it to dry out. Yet, this is fixable for most of the time, but after 8 months, bacteria can get into the mascara and could cause an infection.    

      3)You need foundation for the perfect look.

This is false, many people use foundations to hide blemishes or acne, and can do this with just concealer and a primer for that. Foundation tends to balance out the tone with the skin color, however, foundation can cause acne or pimples because it can clog pores.