Why David Wecht is the most inspirational member of the PA Supreme Court


Daphne L

Since 1722, the Supreme Court has been making Pennsylvania a better place. Pennsylvanians elect the seven justices to serve ten years each on the Supreme Court. Each of them has outstanding discipline, problem-solving, and the ability to discern between right and wrong. Citizens of Pennsylvania feel lucky to know that they can trust their Supreme Court to make lawful, educated decisions for the betterment of their state. Every single justice on the court has put huge amounts of time and effort into their work, and each of them are well-deserving of the impressive positions they hold. In my perspective, though, there is one that is the most inspirational.

The PA Supreme court includes 7 hard-working justices. – Photo by Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania

Merriam-Webster defines “inspiration” as “the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions”. Of course, each individual person’s intellect or emotions are able to be moved in different ways. Although every member of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is a great role model and example to aspire to be in my life. However, one member especially matches up with my interests and the direction that I want to move in my life. This member of the Supreme Court gives me a drive and will to better myself and achieve my goal. This Supreme Court justice, prior to becoming a Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice, held a career that I have set my heart on. As well as this, the Supreme Court justice that is most inspirational to me gives back to their community by serving on the Supreme Court and bringing justice to people across the state. This member is David N. Wecht.

David Wecht applauds happily. – Photo by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

David N. Wecht is in the sixth year of his term (January 2016 to January 2026). In 1984, Wecht attended Yale College. This by itself shows Wecht’s determination and skill level, with Yale’s extremely low 6.5% acceptance rate and ivy league status. Yale was ranked the #1 best law school by U.S. News, and the #8 World University by Times Higher Education. Then, in 1987, Wecht attended Yale Law School to further his education. Wecht is and always has been extremely committed to doing what he loved and bettering himself, and exceptionally passionate about his goals in life. As someone who wishes to attend college, this is very admirable and inspirational.

Yale, David Wecht’s chosen university. – Photo by Spark Admissions (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

After his attendance at Yale, Wecht continued to aim for his target. Before becoming a Supreme Court justice for Pennsylvania, Wecht was an instructor at the University of Pittsburgh, and an adjunct professor at Duquesne. All of these careers require critical thinking, time management, and determination, all of which are immensely exemplary especially considering the pressure that is bound to come with these careers. Other impressive careers Wecht has held include being a judge for the Superior Court of PA, being a judge for the Court of Common Pleas, and being an associate for Wecht Law Firm.

All of Wecht’s previous careers helped him become ready to serve on the PA Supreme Court. – Photo by the Tribune-Review

Evidently, I am not the only one who has been impressed by Wecht’s awe-inspiring talent. For the service he has provided to his neighbors, Wecht has won several awards including the Honorary Citizenship Award from the City of Harrisburg in 2000, the Certificate of Distinguished Service from the U.S. Court of Appeals in the D.C. Circuit in 1989, and the Humanitarian Award from the J.N.L. Club in 2003. With all of the things Wecht has done to help the people of Pennsylvania, he is undoubtedly deserving of all of those awards.

Wecht sits on a panel of judges. – Photo by WHYY

Wecht has also had many publications that he authored or co-authored. I have always had a passion for writing, so Wecht’s long list of publications struck me as especially meritorious. However, Wecht does not write for himself. It is clear that all of Wecht’s writing is meant for the betterment of society as a whole. For example, in February 2009, Wecht published the “How Unfettered Advocated Distort Child Care Cases” article in Pennsylvania Law Weekly. In June 2000, Wecht published “A Proposal for Reform of Pennsylvania’s Slayers’ Act: Protecting Innocent Family Members of Slain Victims” in Pennsylvania Law Weekly. Wecht is passionate about making sure justice always wins, and he upholds these beliefs through his publications.

In 2015, Wecht was officially voted onto the court. – Photo by the Tribune-Review

After researching and analyzing the life and accomplishments of David N. Wecht, it is evident that he cares about his home: Pennsylvania. Wecht is a valuable, irreplaceable justice of the Supreme Court who brings new perspectives, ideas, and motivation to the court. Like me, Wecht has a passion for writing, leading, teaching, and helping others. He is an example of what I would like to someday become. He works hard to make the lives of others better, and he never gives up on something he is passionate about. Wecht has been selfless throughout his life and has devoted his time and energy to help others. In all respects, David N. Wecht is the strongest and most inspirational member of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, and our state would not be the same without him.