2022 PLL Mock Draft (first round)


UNC attackman Chris Gray after a game against Johns Hopkins in 2020. Will Gray be the number one overall pick?

Ethan K.

The 2022 Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) Draft is just four days away. The draft will take place on ESPNU as a part of the PLL’s new sponsorship deal with ESPN. Some picks seem inevitable, but the majority of the selections are still up for a wide variety of debate. With a very stacked draft class, it should be an exciting day as many teams will get vastly better ahead of the highly anticipated 2022 season. Here are my thoughts on what every team should do in the first round of the fourth edition of the PLL Draft.

1. Chrome: Chris Gray, A, North Carolina

Gray is the consensus number one overall pick for good reason. The Boston University transfer can shoot with speed from outside, spread the ball out well, dominates on dodges and is impactful on the ride. The 5’7” attackman plays bigger than his size shows and was a force throughout his collegiate career, eventually breaking Lyle Thompson’s historic record for the most points in Division I lacrosse history. Chrome could use a quarterback on attack and there is no better player than Chris Gray for that role.

2. Atlas: Matt Moore, A, Virginia

Even if Moore’s teammate Connor Shellenberger was eligible for this draft, I still see Moore going ahead of him. Moore has a killer shot, dodges to the net well and can create plenty of scoring opportunities for his teammates. With Jeff Teat being a great feeder, Moore should see plenty of great opportunities to score. Jake Carraway and Eric Law may take away from some of Moore’s playing time at attack, so don’t be surprised to see Moore running out of the box to see some more opportunities.

3. Redwoods: Roman Puglise, M, Maryland

While third overall may be a bit of a reach for Puglise, he reminds me a lot of current Redwoods midfielder Jack Near. Puglise can lock top dodging threats down on defense but also thrives in transition and can score goals in unsettled scenarios. He fits into the Redwoods scheme well and I think that he would make an excellent defensive midfield duo with the afore-mentioned Near. 

4. Archers: Arden Cohen, D, Notre Dame

Cohen plays in the best conference in college lacrosse, constantly proving his worth as the best all around defender in the draft class. He has to guard Pat Kavanagh everyday at Notre Dame practice and must attempt to cover Chris Gray and Brennan O’Neil during ACC matchups. His on-ball skills are great and he would make a phenomenal pair with the extremely physical Graeme Hossack with the Archers who’s only true weaknesses are defensive depth and faceoffs. 

5. Atlas: Koby Smith, LSM, Towson

Like the Puglise pick, Smith going this high may be considered a reach but it feels like a good pick for the Atlas Bulls considering they already addressed offensive depth with the second pick. Smith seems like a good change from other Atlas poles. He is a strong cover guy and can shoot the lights out of the ball in transition. Fifth could be early but I would still love this pick for Atlas.

6. Chaos: Jonathan Donville, A/M, Cornell/Maryland

It would be insane to see Donville go at sixth with his superstar teammate Logan Wisnauskas falling out of the first round. While I do not like Donville, as a prospect, as much as Wisnauskas, Army’s Brendan Nichtern or High Point’s Asher Nolting, he is a Canadian player that has an amazing stick. He fits the Chaos offensive scheme well and should see some decent playing time alongside Mac O’Keefe, Tanner Cook and the second line midfield in 2022. 

7. Whipsnakes: Bubba Fairman, M, Maryland

Fairman has received a lot of flack from draft analysts this season, claiming that he “never lived up to the hype.” While partially true, as Fairman never became the offensive weapon that many imagined, his role at Maryland has changed over time and, nonetheless, he still blossomed into a great player. He still impacts the game on the offensive side of the ball and has quickly become one of the top defensive midfielders in the NCAA. There is a lot of upside to Fairman and it wouldn’t shock me to see Fairman following the Maryland-Whipsnakes pipeline.

8. Chaos: Brendan Curry, M, Syracuse

I could see Chaos taking a defender here, but I imagine that they could get their pole-of-choice with their late second round pick. Curry, on the other hand, will probably not be there at 16th. He isn’t a perfect scheme fit, but his incredible speed, fast shot and ability to play with both hands is incredible. Chaos likes to play with a more box-based offense and, despite Curry not being a traditional box player, he has the size, downhill speed and hand quickness to thrive in the offense. Curry may be a bit of a developmental prospect (needing to slightly adjust his game to fit into Chaos’ scheme) but I have a feeling that Andy Towers will be all over him nonetheless.