Covid-19 Global Death Toll Exceeds What’s Been Reported


Alex G.

Over the past two years, nearly 15 million lives have been lost due to Covid-19. Now, it’s been discovered that the government’s official tolls are very far off. For example, Mexico’s toll  was two times greater than the official toll, while Egypt’s toll was 12 times greater than the official toll. 


The World Health Organization’s panel calculated these numbers along with nearly every nation. By doing this, they  were able to offer a glimpse of how drastically the death counts reported by many governments have understated the true toll of the pandemic. The previous toll, based solely on death counts reported by countries, was six million, and is now reporting at almost 15 million. 


The pandemic didn’t only take lives due to Covid-19, but also due to the difficulty there was finding health care for other health concerns, like heart attacks, NY Times said.