My Top Five Quarterbacks in this year’s NFL Draft


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Cincinnati quarterback Desmond Ridder in 2021. Could Ridder be taken in the first round?

Ethan K.

With the 2022 NFL Draft just two days away, these will be our final rankings of players in this year’s draft class. Let’s countdown the best quarterbacks in the stellar 2022 class.

1. Malik Willis, Liberty

Willis is by far the best quarterback in this draft. He has size, speed and tremendous arm talent. Playing at a smaller school, like Liberty, hurts his draft stock, but with QB being so valuable, Willis will fly off of the board early in this draft—and for good reason, too.

2. Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh

Pickett had been the number one QB prospect for a good amount of time prior to Willis’ emergence. His earlier draft stock makes him the de facto number two, but he still offers a lot more on the ground and in the air then his peers behind him. The former Panther must be taken in the first round.

3. Matt Corral, Ole Miss

Corral’s decision to not sit out of Ole Miss’s bowl game cost him the potential crown as the number one QB in this draft. He has had some problems since his injury, including some mediocre pro day appearances, but his performance throughout SEC play still has me convinced that he can make a splash in the pros.

4. Carson Strong, Nevada

Despite getting very little praise, Strong has performed as one of the better QBs of the class. He has a monstrous arm and a touch more accuracy could very well make him the next Josh Allen. While Strong will not go on Day 1 (and probably won’t on Day 2), he still has the potential to be a franchise player for a QB-needy team.

5. Desmond Ridder, Cincinnati

Ridder’s draft stock has been on the rise, so much to the point that I’m buying it. He has lead his team to success in college and the 6’3″ superstar could very well see his name called in the first round. I don’t think it will happen, but, much like Strong, Ridder has a good amount of upside and could very well be taken Thursday night by an in-need team.

Honorable Mention: Sam Howell, North Carolina

The former Tar Heel had, at one point, been arguably the top quarterback in this class. After a hit-or-miss 2021 season, Howell found himself out of the conversations that he once was in. While he won’t be one of the top QBs that we see taken, his past collegiate success, arm talent and athleticism could lead to success come his days in the big league.

Honorable Mention: Bailey Zappe, Western Kentucky

While Zappe’s ridiculous collegiate statistics will most likely not carry over to the NFL, he still could become a very solid player as long as he winds up in the right environment. There isn’t much pressure surrounding him and I think it will be very beneficial for him as he intends on making an NFL career. His collegiate play (even whilst at Western Kentucky) is very impressive and he deserves recognition for it.