“The Girl from Plainville”


Ana D.

A new Hulu series recently released, “The Girl from Plainville” came out on March 29, 2022. Based on a true story, of Michelle Carter’s case of making her boyfriend, Conrad Henry Roy, kill himself in July of 2014. Henry was from Mattapoisett, MA and Carter were from Plainville, MA, where they met in Florida from a family trip and started talking via text. Carter was 17 at that time and Roy had died at 18, and it goes by every event that had happened leading up to his death in 2014.  This case had shocked the nation, because of how it all happened through a phone and this trial was very controversial if it was a crime or not. Eventually, Carter was found guilty and was sentenced to jail for two and a half years. However, she was released early on January 23, 2020, because of good behavior and left on probation for a few months after. Hulu had re-acted this because of it being a very interesting case that had drawn many people in the world. Starring in the series is Elle Fanning as Michelle Carter and Colton Ryan as Conrad Henry Roy in “The Girl from Plainville”.    

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