Lucky students at LDHS


Four-leaf clovers are considered lucky around the world, but there are so many other things that make people lucky. – Photo by Little Rae’s Bakery

Daphne L

Today, of course, is Saint Patrick’s Day. Students from LDHS took the time to share what makes them feel lucky this year.

“My family makes me feel lucky.” –Sammie Gallick

“I feel lucky that I get to come to school every day and interact with so many different people who are equally amazing.” –Ada Hickey

“When I see people smile around me.” –Eliani Carrero

“I’m lucky just to be happy because there’s a lot of people who aren’t happy.” –Olivia Schwenk

“My one friend gave me a bracelet and it meant a lot to me, so when I wear it I feel lucky.” –Evvy Adams

“Me, myself, and I!” –Reini Patel

“What makes me feel lucky is…being around my family, because I know a lot of people don’t have that opportunity or that aspect like I have it…. It makes me feel lucky that I have that support system.” –Ava Moore

“Chicken and ladybugs.” –Brandon Everett

What makes you feel lucky?