The new trend with harsh consequences


Orbeez are meant to provide fun entertainment for children, but thanks to a new trend, these seemingly harmless gel beads are injuring innocent people. – Photo by Southern Living

Daphne L

Social media platforms are a great way to learn new things, be inspired, and be creative. However, these platforms are sometimes home to some dangerous challenges that cause harm to many people.

Most recently, this challenge has been the Orbeez Challenge. Orbeez, small round gel beads, are being shot at other people by TikTok creators who use the tag #OrbeezChallenge. The victims have included a ten-year-old boy riding his bike, an Amazon driver, a woman pushing a stroller, and many more.

A ten-year-old boy from Georgia was injured after being shot with an Orbeez gun while riding his bike. – Photo by Peachtree City Police Department

The official Orbeez website does not mention the Orbeez guns. They continue to sell their Orbeez #Challenge kit, which does not include an Orbeez gun. It is marketed for ages 5 and up and says nothing about the #OrbeezChallenge which is becoming a problem with teens.

The above kit is the only thing relating to the #OrbeezChallenge trend to be found on the official Orbeez website. – Photo by Orbeez

LaGrange, a city in Georgia, has been met with several #OrbeezChallenge participators and victims. They made a post on Facebook addressing the issue. The specific influencer they were dealing with at the time had used an Orbeez gun that “was originally gray, red, and orange”. According to the LaGrange police, “the person that had this gun painted it black and silver, to make it look like a real gun.”

Painting an Orbeez gun black and silver makes it look real, threatening to bring harsh consequences to the participators of this trend. – Photo by LaGrance Police Department

In the post, the LaGrange police warned parents to keep their child away from the challenges and therefore potential consequences that could follow. “Parents and guardians, if your child is engaged in this behavior, please discuss the dangers with your children. Check to see if they have altered the color of any of these guns and please dispose of them if so.”

People across the country are worried about the negative outcomes that could be a result of the #OrbeezChallenge going across social media. To some, this challenge may be just another trend floating around online, but to others, this trend has caused intense damage in their lives.