The funniest yearbook captions


A yearbook can be a great place to show some personality. – Photo by Vectorstock

Daphne L

Sometimes students are allowed to select a quote to include in their yearbook beside their name and photo. Inspirational quotes are most commonly chosen, but occasionally, a student will come up with a funny quote to make their peers laugh.

This already-comical yearbook caption coupled with the senior’s devious smile makes this yearbook caption hilarious. He’s probably hoping his neighbor doesn’t see what he wrote. – Photo by Pinterest
Joe’s parents must not have thought out their son’s name very well. – Photo by Facebook
Other seniors at this school must hope their last name doesn’t come right after “Eisenhower”. – Photo by Reader’s Digest
Maybe this senior should learn her punctuation rules before making an attempt at being philosophical. But, nevertheless, this quote is pretty funny for people flipping through the yearbook. – Photo by Seventeen Magazine
According to I Drive Safely, a company focused on safe driving, 90% of drivers listen to music while in the car (and it may be even more than that). Some listen to pop, some listen to rap, some listen to rock, some listen to instrumental…and this guy listens to “The Wheels on the Bus”. – Photo by Barney Frank
This senior must have a lot of confidence. – Photo by Pinterest
The matter-of-fact tone of this yearbook caption is simply hilarious. – Photo by Yahoo News UK
If you share a last name with one or more of your peers, you can probably relate to this grouped yearbook quote. – Photo by

These yearbook quotes are full of a lot of personality, and they are great for making other people reading the yearbook smile.