Grading Every Offensive Signing in the 2022 NFL Free Agency Window (So far)


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New Steelers quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the Chicago Bears in 2019.

Ethan K.

*Please note that we did not include re-signings in this article*


DJ Chark→ Detroit Lions 

Chark was a highly touted prospect coming out of LSU, but injuries hampered his time in Jacksonville. While the tall deep threat has potential, it fathoms me that Detroit would shell out $12 million for a prove it deal. I think Chark can find decent success in Detroit, but the overall contract details hurt the grade for this signing. 

Signing Grade: C


Zay Jones→ Jacksonville Jaguars

Don’t get me wrong, Jones had a very solid year with Las Vegas. This move, from Jacksonville’s standpoint, is a very decent one, as they pick up a former first round pick with a monstrous potential. However, much like the Chark deal, $10 million per year is still a lot for a strictly deep threat receiver. The contract details will slightly hurt the grade on this one, but I do like the move from Jacksonville. 

Signing Grade: B


Chase Edmonds→ Miami Dolphins

I absolutely love this move from Miami. Edmonds has had a very productive four years in Arizona, all while being the RB2. Getting another start, with a team that will use him even more than in Arizona, is a major victory for Edmonds. As for the Dolphins, they get a very shifty and explosive running back that plays well in the receiving game. A two year, $12.6 million contract is perfect as well. 

Signing Grade: A+


Mitchell Trubisky→ Pittsburgh Steelers

Trubisky’s best years are seemingly in the past, but the 2017 second overall pick still has a lot of football left in him. With the Steelers quarterback room being pretty mediocre, Trubisky immediately has the starting job. He has taken the Bears to the playoffs twice before, but it is hard to believe that he could do the same in Pittsburgh. The move is not that bad from the Steelers’ perspective, as it is low risk, but high reward much like the Dwayne Haskins signing. The failure to acquire Deshuan Watson made this signing sting a bit more for Steelers fans. 

Signing Grade: B-


CJ Uzomah→ New York Jets

Honestly, as absurd as it sounds, I think that this is a very good move from the Jets. With Tyler Kroft (another former Bengal) being the only notable tight end retained on the roster, the Jets are in massive need of a refresh at the position. Uzomah played well, through injury, too, in Cincinnati this past season. $8 million per year is a decent contract for a proven, young tight end, making this deal a good one. 

Signing Grade: A


Christian Kirk→ Jacksonville Jaguars

Come on Jacksonville, this is ridiculous. The four year, $72 million contract is almost incomprehensible. Kirk has never been more than a WR2 in his career, so fetching around $18 million a season is absurd. The former Cardinal is a solid player, but this contract is a massive overpay for a receiver that will not pan out in Jacksonville’s system. General Manager Trent Baalke really botched this signing. 

Signing Grade: D-


Cedrick Wilson→ Miami Dolphins

Wilson impressed many fans in Dallas this past season, hauling in 602 yards as the WR4. The former Boise State Bronco has above average speed, decent size and is a very reliable target. A three year, $22.8 million contract is a bit much for someone that was recently the fourth wide receiver on their team, but Wilson had many games last season that proved his worth. Miami may have overpaid a bit, but this is a solid move nonetheless.

Signing Grade: B+


Evan Engram→ Jacksonville Jaguars

Giants fans were ecstatic to see the departure of Engram. The 2017 1st round pick had never, outside of maybe his first two seasons, lived up to the pressure put on him early in his career. Engram is not as bad as many make him out to be, so I don’t believe that this signing is necessarily a bad one, especially on a low risk, high reward one-year contract.

Signing Grade: B-