What is your fashion aesthetic?

What is your fashion aesthetic?

Ana D.

 What is your fashion aesthetic? There are many types of them for vintage to 90s aesthetics. Aesthetic is a type of style of clothing or outfits that go along in categories. Another way to phrase that it is a type of fashion that many would think is unique styles. Aesthetic fashion can go from tops to shoes and many teens are involved in their types of aesthetics.

Vintage aesthetic is a combination of old and new styles that are more popular nowadays. This kind of aesthetic is influenced by 80s fashion and even 2000s fashion from bulky sweaters to cropped cardigans. Kind of like a retro style that is now called vintage along with that most clothing that goes along with the vintage aesthetic is sweaters, baggy jeans, and converse.

The soft aesthetic is mostly known for a cutesy look and can go along with the VSCO style. This look has to be connected to a certain kind of color and that just a pastel color with clothing or shoes. However, that will vary depending on every person’s own choice of clothing. Clothing that can go along with this aesthetic is mini plaid skirts, mom jeans, crop tees, and pastel Nike air force.

The 90s aesthetic is like a comeback of the 90s fashion and a little bit adjusted to today’s world of fashion. Another name for the 90s aesthetic can be also known as a grunge style, giving it an edgy look. Back in the 90s, some trendy clothing was tight-fitting nylon shirts, studded belts, platform shoes and that go along with bright, neon colors. In today’s times, here is some clothing that is mostly used: flannel shirts, combat boots, baggy jeans, and high waist jeans.