The Race is On


Photo by Daphne Linn

Three candidates for presidency of the freshman class are eagerly collecting votes and awaiting the final announcement for the winner. Ada Hickey, Carter McQuiddy, and Sasha Jones are this year’s candidates. Each candidate has valuable things to offer the freshman class.

As the candidates encourage their classmates to vote, the numbers tally up for each candidate. As of Thursday, January 20th, the numbers were close.

Hickey had 65 votes and she was in first place. McQuiddy pulled in second with 40 votes, and Jones had 13 votes.

Hickey has been very optimistic during the election. “Everyone has been so supportive throughout this process,” she says. “Teachers, other students, and especially people running for other positions.” Hickey is going to be happy even if she doesn’t win. “No matter the results, I can be confident our class is in good hands.” All three candidates have worked hard to campaign and get votes, so this reflects how hard they each plan to work if they get elected.

Voters have the rest of today to cast their vote for their preferred candidate. 118 people had voted as of yesterday. Hickey took 55% of voters, McQuiddy had 34%, and Jones had 11%.

Over one hundred members of the freshman class have yet to vote, so McQuiddy and Jones still have an opportunity to win over Hickey and become the president for the Class of 2025.

Stay tuned for the voting results tonight!