After 24 Years of Teaching, LD Students Say Goodbye to Mrs. May


Ethan K.

Mrs. May and Senior Bryn Powell embracing a hug.

Ethan K.

After teaching for 24 years at Lower Dauphin, beloved English teacher Mrs. Melanie May, is resigning.

Today was her last day, and many of current and former 11th and 12th grade students shared their gratefulness for everything Mrs. May has done for them.

“I think she was very funny and kind. Last year when I had her, she always helped me get through anything when I was sad and I just enjoyed her company.” – Senior Kyle LeHew

“Mrs. May always knows how to make my day, make me smile, and she always puts up with our shenanigans.” – Senior Anya Ray

“What I’m going to miss most about Mrs. May is just how welcoming she is and how awesome she is. [I will] miss her whole presence. She just was an amazing teacher.” – Senior Bryn Powell

“The thing I miss most about Mrs. May is probably how swaggy she is. [She is] one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, hands down. And she carried me through COVID.” – Senior Deneysha Rodman

“Basically what I miss most about her is that she helped us a lot in class and if we ever had anything, she’s always there.” – Junior John Mayer

“Alright M-dog. I’ve known you inside and outside of school. It’s always been a good time. I just want to say thank you.” – Senior Avery Book