Which 6-7 NFC Teams Have the Most Realistic Chance at Making the Playoffs?


Peter O.

A fan’s view of Lincoln Financial Field, where the Philadelphia Eagles play.

Ethan K.

In football, many unique things seem to happen every year.

Last year, the Washington Football Team made the playoffs with a record of just 7-9. In 2017, the historically mediocre Jacksonville Jaguars shocked the world by making it to the AFC Championship, only to be beaten out by Tom Brady and the Patriots.

This season, the NFL appears poised for at least one more imposter in this year’s playoffs, with five teams sitting at a mere 6-7 record this year in the NFC. Washington currently owns the seven seed, but the Philadelphia Eagles, Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Minnesota Vikings all share the same record with Washington. That ties us in to the main idea of this article— which teams actually have a chance?

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota has been in 12 one-score games this season (ESPN.com), proving that there is more to their story than what is on the cover. Kirk Cousins has played like an MVP candidate this season and superstar play from Justin Jefferson has given many fans faith in the Vikings. However, a poorly executed second half, both on the field and on the sidelines, leaves a faint trail of doubt on the Vikings’ playoff hopes.

Final Call: Make Playoffs


Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta has had a very typical season, at least for what Falcons fans would expect. The Falcons have only beaten the weaker teams they have played against. In fact, the Falcons are yet to beat a team with a winning record. Wide receiver Calvin Ridley has been out several weeks dealing with personal troubles, and that has not helped an already weak Falcons receiving core. On the bright side, Atlanta’s kick returner, running back, wide receiver, and third string safety, Cordarelle Patterson, has made this team fun to watch, while also providing fantasy football players with an amazing FLEX player. If some miracle happens, and the Falcons manage to pull out two more victories, they very well could have a shot.

Final Call: Miss Playoffs


Washington Football Team                                                                                            

Washington and Philadelphia will be fighting for the playoffs with two head-to-head matchups in Week 15 and Week 17. Both teams have had their struggles, and these matchups could go either way. Allowing just 19.4 points per game in their last five games (ESPN.com), the defense doesn’t prove to be worth worrying about. However, quarterback Taylor Heinicke has been hot-and-cold, but if he can put together just a few more strong performances despite a lingering elbow injury (NBCSports.com), Washington could find themselves in the playoffs.

Final Call: Miss Playoffs


Philadelphia Eagles

As noted above, the Eagles face off against Washington twice before the season ends. These games could very well be split, but it is still very possible the Eagles win out and potentially win the division. With that being said, similarly to Heinicke, Jalen Hurts has been up and down this year, with many of his ‘down’ games being extremely lackluster. Banking on Hurts and the Eagles to upset Dallas Week 18 is not very safe, but could happen. If the Eagles can put together a few complete games of solid offense and defense, then one could certainly count on them to make the Wildcard, especially with only division games left.

Final Call: Make Playoffs


New Orleans Saints

As soon as quarterback Jameis Winston went down, many fans knew it would probably be the end of the road for New Orleans. Taysom Hill and Trevor Siemian have done as much as they can, but too many turnovers continue to haunt the Saints. Besides superstar running back Alvin Kamara, there isn’t much positive to look for on the Saints offense. Defensively, the Saints have been about average. In the coming weeks, the Saints defense will face some weaker offenses of the Panthers, Falcons, and Dolphins, but little trust in Taysom Hill makes it difficult to see New Orleans still playing come the post-season.

Final Call: Miss Playoffs