Fall Captains: Cross Country

Fall Captains: Cross Country

Morgan S.

Cross Country Girls

  1. What does being captain mean to you?
  2. What is a goal either you or your team is trying to accomplish by the end of the season?

Ava Donohue-

  1. “Being a captain is a great opportunity to show leadership skills to the underclassmen and help to make the season go as smoothly as possible.”
  2. “A goal that I would have for the team would be that we continue to perform well at the meets and perform well and Mid-Penns to get us into districts as a team if possible and honestly just have a good time and continue to grow as a team and as a family.”

Lexi Hedrick- 

  1. “Being captain is great, it really gave me a chance to get to know the younger girls better, and set a good example for upcoming years.” 
  2. “A goal for this year would be to continue to have fun at our meets and work together to get better times and perform well along with placing well as a team.”

Cross Country Boys

Josh Given-

  1.  “Being a captain means primarily servitude to me. That means my role is to make sure that my team stays focused and that each runner’s input is heard. It also means I get to pick up trash when we get off the bus.”   
  2.  “Lower Dauphin has been crushing it this year! Both guys’ and girls’ teams have at least twice as many wins as losses. Cross Country is a mental sport, so students across our varsity and junior varsity teams alike are learning the skills and techniques necessary to beat our personal best times.”

Joe Frank-

  1. “Being a captain is a major responsibility for me. It means being a good leader and setting an example for the underclassmen. It means being able to show maturity and respect for our coaches and teammates, and being able to include everybody in team activities.  Being a captain means showing Falcon pride in whatever I do.”
  2. “A goal our team is trying to accomplish this season is to qualify for districts as a team. The qualifying standards are tough this year but I think if we work hard enough we have a shot.”