Fall Captains: Cheerleading

Fall Captains: Cheerleading

Leyna H.

  1. What does being captain mean to you?
  2. What is a goal either you or your team is trying to accomplish by the end of the season?                                  Aysha Pich- 
    1. “Being captain means being a strong leader to my whole team and to really just work on making sure the team is doing their best and trying their hardest, and that we are all getting along.”
    2. A goal would probably be to try our hardest and use the best of our abilities to perform the hardest skill levels that we can and really keep up the school spirit.”

    Tanya Tregea-

    1. “Captain to me is trying to make everyone do better and keep the team going and pushing through. Even though at practices we have hard days and can’t get stuff, the captains are always people who push through it and keep encouraging the team and keeping everything intact and making sure everyone is doing alright and that the team is doing the best they can.” 
    2. One goal is to improve on stunting and hit everything better so everyone can learn due to a lot of new girls this year. Another goal would probably be making sure we are all a family together so everyone is included.”

    Bri Espenshade-

    1. “Being captain to me is like being someone that the other girls can look up to and want to eventually be one day, and trying your best to include everyone and making sure everyone is having the best time, so that the team is excited to go to practice and represent the school.”
    2. “Our goal is to make sure that the team is still going to do good after we are gone and make sure that we are doing better as a team every practice, and we are not just staying in one spot we are building.”