Fall Captains: Football

Leyna H.

  1. What does being captain mean to you?
  2. What is a goal either you or your team is trying to accomplish by the end of the season?

Ryan Angerer (87)- 

  1. “To me, being captain means having to step up and take leadership for the team.”
  2. “I’m really trying to get the team turned around, get them back on a winning track, and get the mindset back in a positive direction.”

Max Klingensmith (6)- 

  1. “For me being captain, specifically this year, is turning the team around and giving them more of a winning mentality.”
  2. “I think the goal is to go either 500 or positive this year to try and turn around the culture of LD football.”

Ethan Miller (20) 

  1. “Being a role model on and off the field and helping and helping the guys with whatever they need.”
  2. “I want to make the playoffs this year and if we can’t do that I want to help the younger guys have a team that they can advance on.” 

Braden Landis (11)

  1.  “Being selected a captain is an honor because I feel that I am trusted to lead the team in the right direction.”
  2.  “Our ultimate goal is to win a state championship because we strive for perfection. But, obviously, nobody is perfect so we take it week by week and focus on one opponent at a time.” 

Blake Kelley (77)- 

  1. “Being captain for me means, being able to lead the whole team and being able to understand everyone and how they feel throughout the game, making sure everyone’s upbeat.
  2. “One goal for this season is having a positive season.”