Voler is back in the building


Rylan Helmer

Miss Rebecca Voler is Lower Dauphin High School’s newest physics teacher. Last year she was Mr. Bray’s student teacher. She had such an amazing experience at Lower Dauphin, she knew she had to come back. It was definitely difficult for Voler to start teaching during the pandemic, as it is hard to do anything with this pandemic. However, it was beneficial that during her student teaching she got to help with some aspects online. Now that students are back in school she loves being in person with the students even if she can only see half their faces. Voler is teaching six sections of College Prep Physics. Her year has been off to a great start. Even though there are days that can be overwhelming, the love she has for her students and curriculum makes up for it. By the end of high school Voler knew she wanted to be a teacher. She had a lot of amazing teachers to look up to, especially her physics teacher. She also really loved music, math and English in high school. Voler attended Elizabethtown College. Since she loves music, one of her favorite aspects of physics is the sound unit. Learning about how sound waves make all instruments sound different, and why music sounds the way it does is really fascinating to Voler. She also loves to travel. This past summer she went to Italy and she would love to visit Croatia or Southeast Asia.