Meeting McClintick

Interview with Assistant Principal


Connor O'Barr

Mr. Sean McClintick grew up in the Harrisburg area and graduated from Susquehanna Township High School in the year 2000. When asked, “Who inspired your life the most?” McClintick spoke that ethically it was his father but Mr. Cook, a teacher at his high school, also had an impact on him. Before taking on the role of the Assistant Principal, McClintick taught health at Palmyra Middle School and worked “odds and ends” type jobs. When asked, “As the Assistant Principal, what do you like most about your job?” He responded with “I like the busy environment, helping teachers out, and I like the focus.” He also has two kids, a son and daughter. When questioned, “What is your primary mode of transportation? McClintick said that when it is not raining he alternates between his motorcycles. A 2012 Ducati, a 2002 Ducati 748, and a 2006 Honda Shadow. Some of his favorite hobbies are hunting, fishing, and track days with his motorcycles. Not your typical Assistant Principal! His favorite subject in school was Gym/Health. For the final question of the interview which was, “Have you ever been outside of the United States? He says that he has been to Panama and Canada.