The Falcon Flush Makes Its 2021-2022 Debut


The Falcon Flush is the loyal companion and sidekick of the Falcon Flash. – Photo by Falcon Flash Staff

This year, The Falcon Flush is coming back after missing a year due to COVID. Now, it is making a splash–or, rather, a flush–in the new school year.

You’ve probably seen The Falcon Flush hanging on the backs of the bathroom stalls. They contain information about sports, quirky national days, fashion, jokes, weather, celebrities, books–in other words, a little something for everyone. You just may find yourself looking past your phone and onto that pink paper on the stall door instead.

The Falcon Flush is written, edited, designed, and posted by students involved in The Falcon Flash‘s publication. A new edition of The Falcon Flush will come out every month.

The Falcon Flush also gives readers a chance to interact. With QR codes leading to polls and surveys, there’s plenty of ways that readers can be involved in that edition of The Falcon Flush and helping to choose what appears in the next article.

If you would like to help make decisions as to what will appear on next month’s Falcon Flush or participate in anything involved with this month’s edition, please use your phone to access The Falcon Flush‘s QR codes. We hope to have good input for the next edition.

The Falcon Flush‘s absence is finally over, and we are happy to see it again. Let’s make this school year successful for The Falcon Flush so we can all enjoy the best newsletter in all of the Lower Dauphin bathrooms!