Constitution Day


Photo by Daphne Linn

Daphne L

Friday, September 17 was Constitution Day. Several LDHS students were interviewed about first amendment rights. The first amendment says that, in the United States, everyone has freedom to speak and practice any religion. Below are the answers that some of the students provided when asked what the first amendment means to them.

“It’s very special that we can…say what we want, practice our own religions and not be persecuted for anything.” –Faith Fausnight (freshman)
“I think everyone should be allowed to have their own opinions and beliefs.” –Heidi Bretz (sophomore)
“I think that the first amendment means to me, that I can say whatever I want and believe what I want without being worried that a terrible authoritarian government will silence me. It makes me grateful that I live in a free country.” –Owen Giampetro (freshman)
“The first amendment to me affects everyday life because, without the freedom that it gives us, life would be very different…for me the first amendment gives us life, it is what sets citizens of America apart from everyone else.” –Matilda Carver (freshman)
“The First Amendment means to me that I can express how I feel, whether that is by writing or speaking.” –Collin Brinser (freshman)
“I guess it means that everyone has the right to speak their mind and believe what they want. No matter what other people think.” –Victoria Irwin (freshman)
“To me the first amendment is the really big one, the one that we really wanted and sometimes the one we as a nation overlook because it seems like basic rights but many people don’t have those rights. I think it may be too bold to say that it is the best one so I will just say that I believe there is a reason it is the first one.” –Dylan Kreiss (freshman)
“To me the first amendment gives the freedom to announce your opinion without discrimination. It doesn’t give you the right to use violence or threatening behavior. It just states that you can share your opinion and that you have the right to release information without it being persecuted.” –Carter McQuiddy (freshman)
“The first amendment to me means the right for everyone to have their voice heard.” –Hunter Meyers (freshman)

Constitution Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on the abilities we so often take for granted, like freedom of speech and religion. Next time you share your opinion or practice your religion, thank our founding fathers for creating a government that allows you to do so. How has the first amendment changed your life?