Movies to Get in the Mood for Finals


Left to Right: Dead Poets Society; The Great Debaters; The Imitation Game

With Keystones, AP tests, and finals on the horizon, a lot of people are not looking forward to the next few weeks. But since not taking them isn’t exactly a viable option, you may as well try to get in the mood with some intellectual movies.

If you’ve got a big English test coming, I highly recommend Dead Poets Society. It follows several boys at an elite private school as they discover a passion for literature and poetry while also learning to become free-thinkers (Content warning: suicide).

The Great Debaters is another incredible movie to watch in preparation for an argumentative essay in English class, as well as for a history final. It takes place in the 1930’s and features an African-American debate team as they make their way to a prestigious debate at Harvard. (Content warning: heavy graphic violence and language directed toward African-American characters)

While math is a least favorite subject for many students, The Imitation Game is an amazing film that centers around Alan Turing, a genius mathematician who cracked the seemingly impenetrable German Enigma Code in World War II.