Under the Radar 2021 NFL Draft Profile: Quincy Roche


Ethan K.

For this week’s edition of our under the radar draft profiles, we are featuring University of Miami defensive end Quincy Roche.

With teammates Greg Rousseau and Jaelen Phillips being the bigger Miami defensive stars, many forget about their teammate Roche.

Roche had a solid 2020 season statistically, recording 4.5 sacks, 45 tackles, including a whopping 14.5 tackles for loss 

Where Roche really shines is his play on the field that does not get recorded statistically. 

Roche has an astounding ability to shed blocks and get to the ball carrier, forcing the runner to misdirect or wrapping up and making a play. His explosiveness off the ball makes him able to get to the quarterback easily as well, part of what helped him make up his 4.5 sacks in 2020.

Some teams have questioned Roche’s ability to perform in a defense that isn’t as good to begin with, as Miami has a great defensive line.

This puts Roche to be projected in the third or fourth round. I think that Roche could go off the draft board even sooner, potentially in the mid to late second. 

I could see Roche going to either the Eagles, Giants, Colts, Cardinals, Ravens, and many other teams. Depending on what each NFL team values at their draft spot, I could see Roche going to a number of teams that would either want him to start right away or sit behind a veteran star to learn and develop. 

My biggest fit for Roche would be the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles defensive line is getting older and older, and a young, quick edge rusher like Roche would be beneficial in rejuvenating the aging, weakening Eagles defense. 

Whichever team picks up Roche in the 2021 NFL Draft will be getting a star edge rusher with lots of potential.