Are Malls Dying Out?


Emma Yeager

When people think of shopping, most people think of driving to a shore and looking in the store to find what you’re looking for. When shopping for clothes, people tend to go to a mall or a shopping center and shop in different stores to buy what you like. But has the reality of shopping changed? In the past couple of years many large shopping chains have shut down or gone bankrupt due to the lack of customers. This is because of the introduction of online shopping. When online shopping first became a thing it was less common then actually going into a store and shopping, but now online shopping is almost more common for people to do. Maybe it’s because of how convenient it is, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and buy what you want without having to drive to a store, get stuck in traffic, fight crowds, and all to find that the shirt you wanted is out in your size. It is predicted that in the next 5 years, 25% of malls in the United States will be shut down. Covid-19 also has helped to increase the popularity in online shopping as well as help to shut down more shopping centers. So what does that mean for shopping in the future?