Spring is Coming


Emma Yeager

After what seemed like an endless winter, spring is finally on its way. With spring brings warmer weather, flowers blooming, green grass, and ultimately better spirits. There are many things people to do prepare for spring and one common thing is spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is something everyone hears and no one really know why it’s so popular for people to do. The basic idea behind it is just to start fresh. In the winter it is common for people to let the rooms around their house to be cluttered or maybe are just feeling too lazy to organize. But for some reason once the first glimpse of spring arrives, people suddenly get a sense of motivation and kind of like being re-born. Spring cleaning is a very good way for people to clear their minds too, once your living space is less cluttered your brain also feels less cluttered. Spring is also a time when people feel more motivated to start exercising again. Either they realize summer is coming and they’ll be wearing shorts and swim suits soon enough or they suddenly feel motivated to go on a run and enjoy the warm weather again. The winter can be very harsh on people’s mental health and effect their motivation and overall moods. So once the sun is out again and the warm weather comes people tend to feel way more upbeat and productive. Basically spring is a time where people want to get their life together and start off fresh.