The Sinkhole has been Addressed


Larisa G.

It has been brought to the attention of staff and students of the Lower Dauphin High School that there appears to be a sinkhole outside Mr.Klock’s classroom window. 

During an interview with the Principal, Mr.Hanula, it was confirmed that the sinkhole is not a threat. The sinkhole is not a preexisting sinkhole, but a sinkhole that was made through water erosion. Mr.Hanula stated that a pipe had been broken, and prior to the pipe being fixed there was water flowing through that area causing the dirt to be eroded. 

During further examination it was confirmed that the sinkhole is localized to that area and doesn’t appear to be getting any larger. Hanula said that within the next few weeks contractors will be at the school to fill in the space. 

At the Lower Dauphin High School there have been previous sinkholes, it is an issue the school administration is aware of, and is something taken seriously.  

If a sinkhole appears on the school grounds that appears to have no cause the area is measured for size and appropriately filled for the safety of everyone.