Bad Habits


Emma Yeager

Everyone has that one thing, that one habit they have that is constantly nagging at them. Even though bad habits look different for each of us, many people have the same bad habit that they are so eager to break. No matter if the habit is as simple as playing with your hair or as big as being late to work every day because you keep oversleeping, these are all things people can overcome and not have to worry about again. One of the most common bad habits people tend to have is procrastination. No matter who you are, we have all done this one at least once in our lives, people will push off work or things they don’t want to do till the last minute or too late. This habit all has to do with time management and not being lazy! It may be a hard habit to break, but once you do it will feel so good. Another very common bad habit people have is spending too much time on their phones. People will sit down and aimlessly scroll through social media for hours and completely lose track of time. There are easy ways to fix this problem, whether that’s setting an alarm and only allowing yourself a certain amount of time on your phone, or trying to just avoid your phone all together. Another common bad habit people have is staying up too late. This habit is more common for teenagers, but can involve anyone of any age. Staying up late doesn’t always seem super bad, but for most people it ends up effecting you days that follow because of how tired you are. Some other common bad habits include, excessive online shopping, nail biting, eating junk food, sitting around all day, and cracking your knuckles. There are also so many other habits that people tend to have that are common to others. If you are reading this article, this is your sign to figure out what you worst bad habits are and find a way to break them!