Mini-Thon will not be virtual

Larisa G.

More information regarding the Lower Dauphin Mini-Thon has been released. 

It has already been announced that Mini-Thon will take place outside, however, it is now known that it will take place from the Track & Field practice field to the Softball field in front of the high school. The event will be held on Saturday, May 15th from 9am to 7pm. Social distancing and face masks will still be required during the entirety of the event. 

The theme for this year is a western cowboy theme, so the slogan is “giddy out cancer.” A t-shirt contest will be held for this year’s design for the Mini-Thon t-shirts. More details will soon be posted in the Mini-Thon Instagram regarding the contest. 

This week on Wednesday, February 17th and Thursday, February 18th will be the first Mini-Thon Wednesday/Thursday of February. This Wednesday/Thursday is titled Kiss Cancer Goodbye, and the committee has encouraged students to wear red on these days.