Teenage Coffee Addiction


Emma Yeager

The teenage lifestyle is always changing and evolving as years pass. Teenagers do what they can to keep up on new trends and keep up with the lingo of their times. If something is considered “cool” everyone will start doing it. Something more recently that has become very popular among teens is drinking coffee. Whether it’s the high stress teens have been under causing them to get less sleep or it’s just for the aesthetic, coffee has become very popular in the teenage community. Places like Starbucks take this into consideration when marketing their coffee drinks, they make sure to make drinks that will intrigue teens to buy them. Although coffee seems harmless, there can be negative effects from consuming too much caffeine. Although people think they can survive off caffeine, your body gets to a certain point where it almost becomes immune to the caffeine and the benefits don’t set in. Research has shown that in recent years, the amount of teens drinking coffee has gone up 20%. So are teens really drinking coffee because of their lack of sleep or the fact that coffee shops and fancy drinks are being marketed all around them?