The parts of Disney you don’t see!

Ellie R.


 Disney World and universal studios is a magical place where many people love to go with their kids, but in 1999 Disney’s Discovery Island was abandoned and left to rot. Many people did not know why they would let such a large part of Disney history go to waste. It had originally been called “treasure island”, and primarily a bird sanctuary but was later renamed “discovery island,” and became a home to many exotic animals. The only way to access this Disney attraction was by a Disney resort boat or Disney Cruise. The park was closed in 1999 due to alligators coming out of the water bodies around the island, and potential bacteria around the island. This is one of multiple Disney attractions that has been abandoned over the years. There are multiple places within the Disney parks today that have been abandoned as well. Disney’s River County was opened in June of 1976 it is an old lagoon that was supposed to give visitors an old fashioned “swimming hole experience.”   When the newer swimming attractions and beaches were added into the park the swimming hole was later closed and now sits empty on the outside of the park. Urban explorers have gone into the park and said that there are few slides and things within the park. It is an upcoming plan that the hole and old features will be filled in and taken out. The Disney parks have evolved majorly since they had been opened adding new attractions and features all over the park with new features coming in more existing features have closed. Within universal studios inside Seuss’s landing there is an attraction called sneetches beach this beach is on the outside of Seuss’s landing but oddly has never been opened you can see the beach from rides that travel above the water and can see the sneetches in the water from above, no one is really sure as to why the beach was never opened to the public.