National Parks News

Many people head outside to get a break from their normal lives to distress and escape for a little while. There are right around 423 national parks in the U.S. These national parks are beautiful places to go and see, for people who love the outdoors this is a place for them to escape too. Many people go hiking all over the U.S., while they go hiking many people take very many precautions and do things like looking up terrain and studying the trail that they will be hiking. Just recently the North Cascades had been declared the most deadly national park. There are a lot of environmental factors that affect this decision. The final factor of the park being declared the most dangerous was the amount of deaths that had occurred between 2007-2018. The North Cascades is a beautiful place where many people go to escape and stay within the great outdoors   there is no reason to not still visit this beautiful place. The park has done many things to provide more safety to its visitors to make people aware, they have done things like putting up signs and providing fences. The park has also updated their website so you can look at what the conditions are like within the park and all of the things that they recommend doing to prepare for your journey in the park and things that may be exciting to do within the park.