Mini-Thon is here to stay!


Tevon Kerr-Hornbaker and Gabby Goodman on Ugly sweater day!

Larisa G.

Mini-Thon is creating a unique experience for this unique year, to allow the high school to hold a Mini-Thon event. 

As of right now, it has been decided that Mini-Thon will happen, but this year it will be outside. Due to this, the event will be later in the year than normal. Official dates have not been finalized yet. 

Mini-Thon will continue to have Mini-Thon Wednesday and Thursday, the most recent one was flannel day, and the previous one being ugly sweater day. 

Donor Drives have also been set up by committee members, and the official donor drive account can be found in the Mini-Thon Instagram bio. All participants are encouraged to help raise money donations for the Four Diamonds Foundation.