New Nest Member,Neuhard Joins the LDHS Staff

Ava B


By: Ava B

New to the Lower Dauphin High School building is Mariana Neuhard. Hailing from the South Hanover building, Neuhard is no stranger to our school district., having worked as a computer aide at South Hanover for the past five years. Neuhard began her career after graduating from HACC right after her graduation from CD East High. Her degree in Early Childhood Education landed her a spot at South Hanover after working at daycares for a time. “I really, truly enjoyed being the computer aid at South,” said Neuhard when asked about how she’s enjoying her job so far. “I thought this would be very different, but it’s just as fun.” When prompted about the way things are going at the Help Nest, Mrs Neuhard said, “I think things have gone pretty well considering how we’ve started the school year, but I’m having a really good time, the kids are great and the teachers are awesome.” Mrs. Neuhard, like most of the students, grew up in Central Pennsylvania. She’s been here since the age of five, after moving here from a small town in Mexico called Temascaltepec. Since then, the Help Nest’s  new addition has been in the Harrisburg area.