Millhimes Describes how COVID-19 Could be a Blessing in Disguise


Photo courtesy of Jennifer Millhimes

Ethan K.

Mrs. Jennifer Millhimes is a new life skills teacher at LDHS. She comes over from LDMS and this will be her 23rd year teaching. Although it could be very tough to adjust to something new, especially while in the middle of a pandemic, Millhimes says that the high school makes it very easy to adjust. “I love our environment at the high school. Our environment is so positive, yet relaxed. It’s a very good place to be.” Millhimes  graduated from Millersville University and decided to become a teacher because of her love for children.

COVID-19 has affected this school year, and Millhimes’ life skills students can not go on their usual field trips. Despite this, Millhimes describes how all students could benefit from this unique experience. “I hope our new environment and dealing with COVID helps everybody to practice patience and kindness and understanding, because that just makes for a better world all around.”