The Inside of a Fall Coach’s Mind During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Photo Provided by Coach Hollynn Paul

Larisa G.

The fall sports look a little different this year, due to the  CoronaVirus pandemic.

Coach Hollynn Paul has been coaching for seven or eight years, and participated in cheerleading in college. Her biggest plan for the future of the Varsity Cheerleading Team is to get back to the basics and work their way up, hoping for girls with the dedication and motivation to work hard and meet personal and team goals.

When asked about her feelings on the circumstances for this season she responded with, “They’re not ideal but they are not as bad as they could be, at least we can go to them ( the football games), we are just glad to have a season and I think all of you girls are as well.” With the precautions put in places for the safety of the staff and athletes it certainly is a special  season, and not many know what to expect for the upcoming games this season. Paul was asked if she thought sports would stay like this going into the future, or does she feel we will go back to normal. She said, “I think we can go back to a normal season when this is all over, I think everyone is taking the right precautions now because health and safety is important, and next season hopefully we will get back up and running the way we usually do things.” 

Then the subject was switched and Paul was asked what she is expecting come winter season, due to the pandemic fewer people will be permitted inside during the winter games. She said “I am really hoping that with everything going on there is going to be a winter season for you guys, even if there are restrictions. For you girls, and at the very least, I want to make sure the seniors that want to try out for college get the experience and practice they need going into those tryouts.” 

Considering the circumstances, everyone hopes for health and safety for all the sports teams. This time is definitely a time of learning and teamwork from everyone.