The SZNZ saga has been completed


Wikimedia Commons

Weezer on tour in 2005.

Daphne L.

Weezer has been making music since their formation in 1992, most popularly their debut album which is self-titled but more commonly known as the Blue Album, and includes songs such as “Buddy Holly” and “Undone (The Sweater Song)”.

This year in the spring, Weezer released the first of the SZNZ saga, which was the Spring edition. “A Little Bit of Love” became incredibly popular. On the summer solstice, SZNZ: Summer was released, followed by SZNZ: Autumn. Today, on the first day of winter, Weezer has finished the album collection with SZNZ: Winter, after releasing the first track of the album as a single, “I Want A Dog”.

As fans begin to listen to Weezer’s final SZNZ album, expanding their collection of over 20 albums, the world can finally react to Weezer’s SZNZ saga as a whole.